All For You

Zenzele Fitness Group designs, furnishes, fit out, operates and manages fitness facilities across South Africa, extending beyond the idea of a simple gym.

Founded in April 2014, Zenzele Fitness Group provides full turnkey wellness solutions to companies, government institutions, universities and commercial institutions. We offer best in class solutions because we work with the best possible partners in the health and wellness industry and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Health and wellbeing contributes significantly to the overall quality of life of an individual. By improving the health of each gym member, Zenzele Fitness strives to deliver an on-going positive impact on the productivity and performance of all who join us. We empower all our members to become the best that they can be by making them more aware of their health, then guiding and educating them to make the necessary lifestyle choices in order to improve their quality of life and reduce their overall lifestyle related health risks.

Work For You

Improved Energy
& Performance

Improve health, wellbeing and lifestyle | Increase muscle strength and overall activity level | Be more productive, more attentive and stay focused for longer | Modify behaviour and create sustainable change.

Personalised Training

Personalised programs based on individual member needs & aspirations | Integrated assessments, with effective follow-up and follow-on procedures | Professionally designed coaching platforms and procedures | Focus on behaviour modification and results | Ongoing educational intervention.

Ongoing Wellness

Wellness and disease management delivered through the MyWellness system with options to bring medical staff onsite | Real time, informed intervention for all members via fully integrated technological platforms | Exercise program offerings proven to lower disease risk | Professional member induction and risk stratification.

Maximum Member
Engagement & Retention

Sign-up process takes just a few minutes and includes MyWellness Cloud integration | Member goals are mapped onto detailed member assessments using research methodology from the American College of Sports Medicine Risk stratified exercise programmes


All in-facility exercise activity is directly captured and tracked through key technology and the Mywellness phone app | Outdoor activity captured through the Mywellness phone app and linked to 3rd party devices | Continuous, real time tracking and reporting to members and Discovery Health through the MyWellness Cloud.

All For You

Zenzele Fitness

Improve health and wellbeing! Create a positive impact on overall productivity! Increase performance! Zenzele Fitness brings tech, health, joy to your modern, go-getting lifestyle. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce the risks of diabetes, heart and kidney disease, control blood pressure and cholesterol.

Exercise. It kick-starts your energy, boosts your mood, steadies your focus and transforms your brain with immediate, long-lasting protective benefits. Zenzele Fitness, helps corporates, students, public and commercial sector employees make the necessary lifestyle choices to improve quality of life while reducing overall lifestyle related health risks.

Physical activity, primary health care and psychosocial wellbeing are vital to overall health and wellbeing. That’s where Zenzele Fitness steps in, positively impacting productivity and performance, delivering proven real health outcomes thanks to end-to-end wellness solutions that use a proven methodology.

Member Journey


We help members define their needs by completing the aspiration finder.


Results are the best motivators. We monitor every step of our members progress.


We leverage customizable testing & questionnaires to collect relevant information on needs and goals, assign each member to the right group and define next steps.

A complete platform for programming and exercising, indoors and outdoors. We offer different levels of programming: from 'do it yourself' to personal coaching and programming.


Our trainers can access new training programs and video-guided exercises to improve and track our members performance. We can show members how they can follow their training program directly on a smartphone or other connected devices.


Our members can choose their preferred device for a connected experience: smartphone, mywellness Technogym key.

Outdoor Training

Using the Mywellness app, as well as other third-party apps, our members can even keep track of their outdoor training for a global view of their activities.

Connected and engaging format experience

Class Management

Using the Mywellness app our members can book a class, reserve a spot, join a waiting list.

Group Training

From classes to circuit session. With the Mywellness solution for heart rate and classes, our members can book, enjoy and track classes activities.

Remote Interaction

Using the Mywellness app, our members can receive personalized training tips from their trainer. This will build motivation and keep them on track.

MyWellness App

Mywellness app allows us to converse with members and non-members of the gym. It is an essential tool to engage and interact with all employees countrywide even at branch level promoting all wellness services.

Connected Experience

Provide your clients the most intuitive experience in your gym with Mywellness band or Technogym key. The personal device's logo can be personalized.

Keeping our members motivated

A New Experience

We can configure the myHealth cloud to the specific wellness requirements.

Avoid Drop-Outs

We use an alert service lets you check which members are at risk of dropping out of training and focus our efforts on re-engaging them.